Hello Cleveland Pizza Lovers,

My Name is Aubrie, and I admire the art of a well crafted pizza. Specifically, I am trying every pizza until I find the best crafted pizza to be tasted in the midwest, specifically Cleveland.

It all started when I was young, specifically when I lived in a small town called Auburn, IN. Auburn was a town with many grills and large backyards, making my first experience having pizza on the grill the best experience I could ask for. When I was 6, we moved to Toledo, OH, changing my perception of pizza. From then on, there was always some form of Pizza Friday.

On Pizza Friday, we had a gathering of all of our friends to make our own pizza. Whether it be BBQ Chicken with my mama’s crust, pizza on the grill with the best store-bought crust, Vito’s Pizza from down the street, or the best homemade crust at our friends the Manzellas, we kneaded the dough, poured the sauce, and tasted the perfect mixture of flavors even though all were different from one another.

How Do You Rate Your Pizzas?

That’s easy, you make a system. I rate all pizzas by their:

  • Sauce
  • Crust
  • Balance
  • Cheese

Once these have been scored on a scale of 1-10, I then rate the pizza on a proportion scale. This is meant for those who have their preferences or food limitations. This section is also where I share whether the pie is part of the Clean Plate Club. As made popular through the YouTube series, “Basics with Babish,” the Clean Plate Club is a food member that is so good that there are no leftovers for breakfast; this pizza was so good that you, and your eating companion, could not hold back one bite of the circular masterpiece.

🧀Cheese🧀 – 🍅Sauce🍅 – 🥖Crust🥖 – ✅Clean Plate Club✅

Feel free to leave any suggestions for me to try more Cleveland pizza, from Westlake to Willoughby.

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